A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step


When you buy a new desk, you find an empty drawer, and you start to think about what it will be for, one week later you see it all filled up without you even trying. Life is almost the same, to accomplish a project you keep postponing; open a new drawer or a new file on your computer with the name of that project .... time goes by and you see that you have done so much more than you thought, the only difference really is that desks fill up in a weeks, whereas life needs much more. Come attend this week's Palestine Toastmasters club Meeting, an entertaining and educational meeting with a theme around new beginnings.

Tickets are available here, noting that our ticket is free for first-time attendants. (Please get a ticket as you won't be able to access without it)
Address: Ramallah, Waves Tower, 6th Floor, @ uMAKE

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